HOBA METEORITE (Namibia 4X4 Trip)
July 2005
Report by Keith Ashton

Another couple of unusual photographs for the new web site taken of our July trip around Namibia this year with other club members.(The Midlands 4x4, tenting, braaing & drinking section). The first one is of Margaret standing on top of the largest meteorite in the world - the Hoba Meteorite - located in Namibia about 15 km west of Grootfontein - it weighs about 50 tons, but it's cuboid shape makes it unique amongst meteorites & it is estimated that it struck the earth about 80000 years ago. From a distance it looks like a big rock but it is not, as it consists of 82.4 % iron & has a very high nickel content of 16.4 % with 0.76 % cobalt plus several other trace elements. Whilst standing on top of it one can feel some kind of energy & resonance - the surface, where clean, looks like stainless steel or chrome.

The second photograph is of a small sample piece of the meteorite which was taken for analysis & is now on display in Tsumeb Museum. A description of the meteorite is included in the photograph. Tsumeb is about 60 km northwest of Grootfontein & about 110 km southeast of the Namutoni Gate of Etosha National Park.