Roman Baths High Water, Kamberg Nature Reserve, Central uKhahlamba Drakensberg
30 December 2020

Report and photos courtesy of Dave Sclanders

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For those of you who may have been to visit the Roman Baths at some time in the past, and may have heard as to how the river crossing can become dangerous after a hard , heavy rain downpour, the following pictures will give you some insight to the river crossing that one needs to do to get to the Roman Baths, Also to cross the river at the falls to get to the sunning rocks.

Photos 1 - 6 taken on the day of a previous hike, 2 September 2020

Pic 1: Taken at the first crossing point , nice and easy
Pics 2 - 6: Taken at Roman Baths - nice sunny bathing and sunning area.

Photos 7 – 15 taken on the 31 December 2020

Pics 7 - 9: Taken at the first crossing point, (see PIC 1) Totally unsafe to cross here at this time.
Pics 10 - 12: Taken at Roman Baths. NO sunning or dipping here at all. All rocks are under a violent running river.


A little lesson in weather predicaments, and how easy it is to get into trouble. Running water is particularly dangerous as once you get into the water, there is no way out, and sooner or later you are a "goner". In all the stories I have read or heard about people disappearing in a river or bad stream, the bodies have not ever been found.

For Info, those who were going to share News Years Eve at Mkhomazi with Keith, he did the right call to cancel as the is a small stream to cross which is very "meek and mild" normally. This stream is on a huge catchment, and after a few drinks it becomes a "serious man eater".

When in a water environment, watch the water and the weather. Stay safe.