2020 CHRISTMAS PARTY held at Shawswood and hike to Grey Mare's Tail Falls
28 November 2020

Report courtesy of Keith Ashton

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It was very well organised & thanks go to all the committee members & other helpers who ensured that it was a fantastic success. It was great to see Bushy & Pat Kirby again enjoying themselves at the party, being founder members of the club & honorary life members. Thanks to Bushy for his famous role as the "Christmas Fairy" handing out the presents in his inimitable style with much humour & laughter..Thanks also to Chris Dobson for his role as Father Christmas & sack holder as only he can as he has perfected the role over many years handing out presents to seafarers.

The party started at 09h00 with coffee/tea & cakes & biscuits followed by Chris Dobson reading a message from Andy Pepperell (our new Chairman who was away travelling). Next at 10h00 our morning hike started (for those members able & wanting to) towards the top of Mares Tail Falls in a howling wind (it was actually intended to be to the bottom of the falls but progress was quick with Carolee an uphill charge).Some members returned without getting to the bottom or top of the falls as the thought of a delicious braai was more tempting.Carolee's group carried on relentless towards the top of the falls & after about 4 km of "uphill" & heavy breathing we came out of the forest to a howling gale in which it was even difficult to stand up. Carolee did not want to continue to the top of the falls in such conditions, however with Carolee's agreement I was happy to continue to the top of the falls as it was only just over another half a kilometre away & several hardy members decided to follow. Carolee & the rest of our group started to slowly return back down.

We made it in spite of the high wind to the top of the falls, being extremely careful not to be blown over the edge & after a very short break & taking a few photos we returned & eventually joined Carolee's group on the way down after a very enjoyable hike.

On our return to the party (a bit later than originally anticipated) the braai was in full swing & some members were already tucking into their food.


We were soon braiing & joining the rest of our members at the long tables to enjoy our meat, rolls, salads & drinks etc with much banter & a joyous atmosphere of happiness with like-minded friends.The puddings were absolutely delicious & thanks must go again to our committee & helpers.

After lunch Hettie ushered everyone outside onto the grass for a wild session of dancing to "JERUSALEMA" led by Hettie, Libby & Carolee. This was much fun & terrific exercise as we did it 3 times using the original "Master KG version with featured artist Nomcebo Zikode" utilising Mary Deutsch's cell phone linked to my Bluetooth Blaster speaker.

More fun continued with our usual Christmas presents selection event with Bushy Kirby as the Christmas Fairy & Chris Dobson "filled" the part as Father Christmas - the photos illustrate this better than words.

Penny rounded off the party by thanking Alistair (as our previous chairman) & Cathy for their roles on the outgoing committee for several years in which they steered the club with dedication & enthusiasm so admirably. Penny also announced the winners of the photograph completion & handed out the medals & prizes - the photos plus other members photos being in the club 2021 Calendar.

Thanks must go to Alistair for putting together & organising the printing of such a beautiful calendar.



"ROMAN BATHS" Photographer: Dave Sclanders, August 2020