6-8 November 2020

Report courtesy of Este Shearar, photos contributed by, Libby Deysel, Este Shearar, and Keith Ashton

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On Friday 6 November fourteen lucky hikers converged on National Heritage Nature Park (a guest farm in the Kamberg area) for a fabulous 3 day weekend. As most of us had arrived by lunchtime, Brian took us on our first hike at 2 pm, where we meandered uphill (as per the start of any respectable hike!) and soon were able to take our steps under the watchful eye of a far away Monk's Cowl. Yay, we were in the Berg! We didn't get as far as the waterfall, but enjoyed the nearby company of a black wildebeest (identified by the white tail) who treated us with a romping display, as well as the fantastic views - beautiful dams and lakes, far away vistas - before returning to our accommodation for a swim in the pool, and a braai on the stoep with yet more fantastic views.

Saturday morning - photography time, as the various displays of mist, fog, reflections in water, new mist, and so forth gave us some full on "nature time" just sitting in our chairs with morning coffee.

After breakfast we travelled to the Kamberg Rock Art Centre, where we were met by the "day group" (Rebecca, Mary, Ali and Chris), who joined us for the hike to Roman Baths. Fabulous weather, fantastic scenery, as we headed off to see the ruins of the house which belonged to the grandmother of one of the past chairladies of our club.

Onwards to Roman Baths - from there it was a case of: does one take the high road or the low road? See the photos and you decide! Low road was "boots off, cross river", lots of fun to be had. High road was: "mmm, here we are looking down on Roman baths, now we just need a foefie slide to get to the bottom!". Not to worry, the high roaders eventually found a proper path to the bottom.

Pics (6) Highroad, & (7) Lowroad courtesy of Este Shearar

Some fantastic swimming and basking in the sun, before the return hike home, where the day group joined us for tea and a good long kuier. On Sunday morning our remaining group of eight hikers went back onto the Friday hike route - this time with the aim of getting to at least one of the two sizable waterfalls that we had seen. And you can't say we didn't try! This included negotiating a steep ascent to the area below the rock face, and here we clambered up, sometimes using hands and feet. Brian and Keith had gone ahead, and reached the rock face, but before they could get to the waterfall, met up with some impenetrable bush, so we got the message - turnaround time.

Back at the bottom we hiked further, encountering some beautiful rock scenery, a jawbone in a small river stream, and what looked like a possible path straight up to that same "Skew Waterfall" (my name for it), then returned home via a road (track) that we had found. All in all a four hour hike, and well worth it.

And we're plotting our return - as it seems that further on along the bottom area we may have encountered a path that leads to "Skew Waterfall". Aka "Now You See It Now You Don't-Waterfall" - as the wind blows, the water gets blown this way and that, so one sees anything from a light spray to a sideways waterfall to a downwards strong water drop, it's ever changing. And this view complemented by a few vultures soaring back and forth, seemingly staying in the vicinity of the waterfall.

A very big thank you to Brian and Sandy for this most enjoyable weekend, and we look forward to a return visit to this beautiful place.