Lemonwood Hike, 19 January 2020
Report and photos courtesy of Carolee Thompson

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15 Intrepid hikers set off in inclement weather, to Lemonwood Cottages, a property about 10kms out on the Dargle road.

We were greeted by our friendly host Katie, who supplied a trail map. The paths are very well marked and we were rewarded with an enchanting and delightful forest, which is home to 200 bird species, including the Cape parrot, Knysna Lourie, Narina Trogan and Martial Eagle. Samango and Vervet monkeys, reedbuck, blesbok and oribi, tree dassies and serval cats also reside there. We climbed 400m and 1.9km, to a grassland clearing where we enjoyed the view and a tea stop before the mist rolled in.

The circular route took us 4 hours, with 3 short detours out of the forest to check the grassland clearings. With muddy boots, and a few brown streaked bottoms, we emerged as happy hikers out of the forest, back at the main house where our cars were parked. Our conclusion is that this needs to be a regular yearly hike, with a very good after coffee at Steampunk!


Pic 3: Map of trails, colour coded

Pic 10: Red route marker on tree
Pic 14: DORIS , custodian of the magical forest...no, not a hiker!
Pic 16:  Knobwood tree, in Afrikaans it s called the  perdepram boom.... direct translation.. horse udders!! Latin .. zanthoxylum. The trees on the hike are labeled.