Report and photos courtesy of Libby Deysel

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Participants: Keith, Margaret, Jay, Rose, Sue, Patricia, Costa, Carolee, Johan, Christa, Arislan, Arzu, Ken, Margret, Andri and Libby.

The group met at the Karkloof Country club at 8.30, where Sappi indemnity forms were signed and fees paid. The trail of 15 km was very well marked with signs at various junctions and amusing names - Booga-Loo, Spook n Diesel, Boom Slang, Soul Fly, Sappi Chappi, River Riviere, Digits Dive and the last one being Heaven. Part of the trail was a loop in the plantation on the other side of the Karkloof road and we had to pass through a tunnel under the road. We had lunch at the first picnic site at the falls and some members walked up to the second picnic site to look at the top of the falls. The paths were very well maintained and although the trails are also shared with cyclists we were lucky enough to meet up with only a couple. The weather was good and we managed to return to the cars just before the mist and drizzle came down.

Keith, Margaret and I had done a recce on 28th October when there was only a trickle of water coming over the falls. The mist and drizzle on that day started as we were leaving the falls. Photos are of the recce and the actual hike to show the difference at the falls.

Libby Deysel


Photo 1 - Booga-Loo
Photo 2 - Digits Dive
Photo 3 - exit from tunnel
Photo 4 - Heaven
Photo 5 - River Riviere
Photo 6 - Sappi Chappi
Photo 7 - Shogun
Photo 8 - Spook n Diesel
Photo 9 -entrance to tunnel


Photo 10 - Falls after the rain
Photo 11 - Group 2
Photo 12 - Group
Photo 13 - return from loop
Photo 14 - river after rain 1
Photo 15 - River after rain 2
Photo 16 - River after rain 3
Photo 17 - small hazard
Photo 18 - tunnel under road