Karkloof Clivias (Combined Midlands & Durban Ramblers) - Sunday 29 Sept 2019
HIKE REPORT by Diana Patoir, Photos supplied by Lynda Bache, Llewellyn Evans, Diana Patoir, Christa Van Dyk & Sarah.

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Neville prepared for this hike with military precision and thirty-seven of us met at the Bushwillow Caravan Park at 8 am. He wisely split us into two groups with Eric (from Midlands) leading the "Hares" and Neville leading the "Tortoises"! We had been warned that the first 30 - 40 mins were the hardest with a steep long climb up through the forest to where we eventually came across two large areas of flowering clivias - the sight of these was well worth the initial slog!

After another 20 mins walking through the forest, we came up out onto the grassland with stunning views to behold - Karkloof below and Midmar Dam in the distance. A short walk to our lunch break at Grey Mare's Tail Waterfall (101 metres high and named by the Shaw ancestors after a waterfall in Scotland), the stream had very little water coming over but in peak rainy season, a different scenario with the falls moving constantly from one side to the other - just like the tail of a horse (hence the name).

Reasonably rested, we then embarked on our return journey - the way down is almost more treacherous than the climb up. We staggered into a hot Bushwillow (we had been fortunate in walking under a majority of shade with a strong breeze up at the top) - a lovely day s hiking with good camaraderie between our two clubs.

Well done to Neville! Our thanks to you and Eric for leading us so well.

Photo 1: Grey Mare's Tail Waterfall (not the rainy season!) - at Bushwillow/Shawswood (Karkloof).
Photo 7: Lunch break at Grey Mare's Tail
Photo 9: Hazy views of Karkloof and Midmar
Photo 13: Grassland and sheer cliffs(dolerite)

Photo 14: Scilla natalensis with lunch group in background
Photo 16: Walking through the forest to the clivias
Photo 18: Neville - living life on the edge!
Photo 20: Harry calmly eating lunch
Photo 21: Lunch break at Grey Mare's Tail
Photo 22: The view down - not for the faint-hearted!