Beacon Hill Hike
3 February 2019

Report and photos by Alistair Nixon

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14 hikers, led by Carolee Thompson. Beacon Hill hike is an ideal way to view Howick from various vantage points. An eager group of 14 hiker set off from Eagle's Ridge club house. The first section is along the Currie's Post road and then picks up the path through grasslands towards the beacon. There are some excellent views of areas not always so obvious when driving into Howick. Midmar was looking full after welcome rains. Swartkop over in the distance along with a very distant hazy Nhlosane reminded us of other MHC hikes.

On our return Carolee had organised the use of the Eagle's Ridge for tea and chats.

If you're wanting a short hike that has the contrast of grasslands, plantations and views, consider joining this hike when it is on the schedule again.

1. View to St Johns
2. Midmar in the distance
5. Carolee marshalling the troops
6. At the Beacon
7. At the Beacon
8. Surveying the scene

9. Pristine grasslands
10. Pristine grasslands
12. Looking towards Swartkop
13. Hazy Nholsane
14. Tea break
15. Making way for the athletes
16. Ever busy weaver
17. Tea at the Eagles Ridge club house