MHC XMAS PARTY AT MOUNTPARK, Sat. evn. and Sunday, 24-25th NOVEMBER 2018

Report and photos by Alistair Nixon; additional photos contributed by Cathy Nixon and Penny Purchase

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Saturday evening's early entertainment revolved around watching rugby on tv, jenga, bananagram and darts. The darts challenge was a very intense series of 301 in which individuals scores are deducted until 0 is reached. This evolved into a ladies vs gentlemen challenge. The gentlemen lost the first game to a very celebratory, air-punching euphoric ladies team. The ladies were quite subdued in the second game as the gentlemen raced away to a HUUUUGE victory. The final challenge was now on. Game 3. Team talks, tactics, towels to mop the sweating brows and trembling hands. Could the girls do it again? The scores ran neck and neck but individual moments of absolute brilliance (not that we re boasting) from the gentlemen saw them close in on the coveted title "2018 Mount Park MHC Christmas Party Darts Champions". Yes the gents did win but the ladies put up an excellent fight. Here s to next year s rematch.

Jenga requires a steady hand and an encouraging team. It is a nerve wracking game of removing blocks and replacing them on top of the tower. There were plenty shouts of despair as many teetering towers tumbled. SA lost the rugby! Who were we playing?

Sunday s plan was to have an early breakfast and possibly a hike to the top of Nhlasane. Our early morning plans were interrupted by a surprise visit from Father Christmas. He brought chocolates for all those MHC boys and girls who had behaved themselves during 2018. Evidently they all had. FC didn t have time to question the validity of their claims and happily distributed his gifts.

After some discussion it was decided the temperature was too hot to hike to the summit of Nhlasane so a shorter contour path hike below the summit was lead by Eric. Mercifully we headed through the cool forest and were rewarded with a gentle breeze as we walked along the contour. An early return and with the help of many willing hands the house was spick and span once again.

Home again, home again jiggidy jig. It seems that everybody had enjoyed their weekend. Here is to next year.

2. Sunset still life
4. Evening colours
9. Sunsets beauty at M Park

10. Chris taming the moon
11. Arum still life
12. Witches and the moon

13. Ladies captain
14. Jenga teetering towers
15. Bananagram

16. FC and Amy
17. FC loving it
18. Libby enjoying some attention
19. Chris seems quite shy
20. Cathy and FC getting along

23. Forest cool
24. Do what to kids_

38. Contour below the ridge
39. Respite
40. Mount Park below
41. It was hot
42. Penny entertains Heather
43. Costa's crab snack
44. home this way