Photos and comment courtesy of Keith Ashton

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1. Neville's full details as he listens to Dave at start of hike
2. Part of our group hearing about the hike from Dave
3. Lovely view of Giant's Castle near start of hike
4. Still some snow on Giant's Castle
5. On our way as we leave Kamberg base

6. Dave explaining some historical facts from the past
7. A short break to hear more history of the area from Dave
8. Listening intently to Dave's history lesson
9. Gladstone's Nose to left of photo - hence name of hike
10. Climbing before we make our way under and around Gladstone's Nose
11. Part of our group still climbing with a magnificent back-drop
12. Some more historical facts from Dave as we take another break

13. Under Gladstone's Nose
14. Rockfall Cave is in the distance above the white streak
15. Dave pointing out a rarely used route to Sinclair's Shelter - about 2km right of Rockfall Cave
16. Lunch time as Chris relaxes with a beautiful view of Giant's Castle
17. Chris practicing for his next extreme hike
18. Shady lunch time for others in our group
19. Lovely resting point for lunch

20. On our way after lunch along an old eland track
21. Making our way down towards our base
22. Still steeply down
23. A telephoto of our base far below but we still have a long way down
24. Now very steeply down off the beaten track
25. Still more down hill but our base is in view
26. Carefully does it for Margaret
27. Will the downhill never end

28. Towards the end of another lovely hike
29. Nearly back and now in the shade as the sun is behind the mountain
30. A few stragglers but they are still enjoying the day
31. A lovely flower to welcome the hikers