GREY MARE'S TAIL (Clivia Hike in Karkloof) 23 September 2018

Report and photos (1-9) courtesy of Ilona Lamprecht of Durban Ramblers. Additional photoset (10-22) courtesy of Keith Ashton

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Fourteen intrepid hikers, mostly from Midlands Hiking Club, dared the stormy forecasts and slippery slopes of the forest of Karkloof to see the blooming Clivias in their natural environment. Neville says this is the only hike he knows he won't get lost on so this is the one hike a year that he leads. As a leader, he generously allows the faster hikers to go on ahead, with clear meeting points for the rest of us to catch up to. After the non forecasted storms of the day before, the paths were slippery and carefully followed. Other than a slip and slide here and there, no one got injured, not even pride.

The brightly coloured gully of Clivias was worth the effort and we spent a fair amount of time enjoying their splendour. Due to possible inclement weather, we opted out of going to the top of the mountain, so missed out on a lunch at Grey Mare's falls, this meant more time drinking at The Red Tap.

1 Leader Neville
2 First Clivias
3 Slippery slopes
4 Crossing streams
5 Place in Nature
6 Where the Clivias Bloom
7 Cliva portrait
8 Catching Sun
9 Slow and steady