Sunday 8 July 2018

Comment and photos courtesy of Keith Ashton

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Eric led a very enjoyable hike up Mount Gilboa from Bushwillow Caravan Park on Sun 8 July. Thanks to Eric for a great hike, we enjoyed it very much - well done Eric.

1. On our way up through the lovely indigenous forest
2. The sign warning to be very careful as you approach the top of Mare's Tail Falls
3. Margaret with our destination Gilboa in the distance
4. Taking a break before exploring the top of Mare's Tail Falls
5. Looking up to Mount Gilboa
6. Still finishing our snacks before approaching Mare's Tail Falls

7. Looking down from the top of the falls although not much water
8. The falls can just be seen cascading down the high cliff face
9. This is where the stream starts cascading down the cliff face
10. Four ladies discussing if they could remember what they did in their 40's

11. Now on our climb to the top of Mount Gilboa
12. Taking a break waiting for the rest of our group
13. Here they come still climbing with heavy breathing
14. Having lunch at the summit near the beacon
15. View from the top of the old stone building
16. The rest of our group just arriving at the summit
17. Still enjoying lunch & admiring the beautiful views
18. The old stone building with its derelict conveniences
19. Rose with rosey cheeks feeling slightly flushed

20. All very happy on our way down & still pointing to our fantastic views
21. Our 25 hikers march on but still a long way down
22. Descending though the beautiful forest
23. Still happy in the forest as we approach our Bushwillow base