13th NOVEMBER 2017

Report by Rod Hart and photos by Charlie Guiot and Rod Hart. Hike led by Katy Hart

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The Boughton hike to the "Big Gum Tree" is a 'gentle' manageable hike, but not so gentle that you don't feel you have had a good workout, thus it is advised as a 'beginner' hike to give you an idea of your capabilities. The hike is also dog friendly and we had 9 hikers and three dogs on this hike. Always a lot of interest along this route and I leave the pictures with their descriptions to do the explaining.

Thank you Katy for organising and Charlie for looking after me when I had exceded my hiking capabilities and for the majority of the photos.

Photo 1. - My attempt (not so successful) at copying a photo from Brian Henwood's Bulwer mountain hike - does however serve to indicate that I was on this hike
Photo 2.& 3. - Road through the plantations with welcome shade in spots
Photo 4. - Sign near our destination

Photo 5. - The 'Big Gum Tree'
Photo 6. - Katy hugging her old friend and giving perspective to its size
Photo 7. - Then the 'photographers' get down to work...
Photo 8. - And I (Rod) take a 'Selfie' with the tree
Photo 9 - 14. - Lunch break
Photo 15. & 16.- A couple of creative shots by Charlie
Photo 17. - Group photo

Photo 18. - On the road again (as it turned out it was the wrong road...)
Photo 19. - A bit of cross-country work and we were back on the right track
Photo 20. & 21 - and facing a snake... a harmless little house snake
Photo 22 - 25. - A deep gully to get climb out of
Photo 26. - Sheep on the homestead along the track
Photo 27. - The track shortly before we turn off into the plantation
Photo 28. - In the plantation

Photo 29-38. - some flowers and interesting shapes/textures along the way

Photo 39. - Charlie (the dog) feeling the heat takes to the water
Photo 40. - "This is really cooling"
Photo 41. - A Jacaranda tree, rather a little out of place
Photo 42. - Rod taking (one of many) a break on the way back