Saturday 23 Sept. 2017

Leader: Brian Henwood. Report and photos: Penny Purchase.

It was a misty, moisty morning with low cloud and the promise of more drizzle - a dismal day for a hike - but 17 hardy and enthusiastic hikers arrived at the Karkloof Country Club on Saturday for a hike organised by the cheerful and indomitable Brian Henwood. We signed in at the club, the surprize being that the fee for tramping the trail, had risen from R30 to R50. There is a range of boards outside the clubhouse with trail routes depicted. Brian chose a 10 km trail & & & which turned out to be a long 10 km, so our legs told us!

We were all gathered for take-off, all being well clad for the inclement weather, with long trousers, gaiters, rain jackets, hiking boots and day packs filled with ample refreshment for the cold trip ahead & & .. suddenly, there was a squeal of tyres and into the parking area a 4x4 skidded to a halt. Out jumped the irrepressible Martin Gardiner in his usual scanty attire - T shirt, shorts and strops! This time he broke with tradition and actually brought along some snacks (sev and nuts)!

There were several newcomers on this hike. New member, Ruth Armitage, her daughter Hannah, and friend Jo Parsons. We also welcomed new members Hazel Buchanan, and Dave and Carol Brammage. There was a mixed group of young and old on the hike. It was a windy route, twisty and turny. There were narrow forest paths and broad tracks but wet everywhere, the drizzle sometimes thick, sometimes soft, and sometimes it stopped. We were fairly sheltered in the forest. We suddenly came to a clearing, I think to Brian's surprize, and there was the viewpoint of the Karkloof Falls. A photo shoot took place. We chatted to other visitors, from India. Then we were off again, up a steep bank with the ever optimistic Brian leading us (astray).

Rather wet and rather hungry we arrived back at Karkloof Country Club. Some of the group scuttled home to get dry. Half of the group stayed as the warmth of the restaurant and hot food beckoned. We enjoyed some hiking camaraderie over hot coffee, muffins and some indulged in a burger lunch. The food was good. We rested weary bodies, content and satisfied that we'd had a full morning's exercise. It was a most enjoyable morning hike despite the wet conditions. Thank you, Brian, and Sandy too, for coming from Durban to lead this hike and for your loyalty to the MHC.

Photo 1:
Photo 2: View of Karkloof Falls
Photo 3: Photoshoot of Falls
Photo 4:
Photo 5: No rain as we tramped this broad forest road home