23 October for Katy Hart's scheduled "Beginner" hike on 12 November 2016
(The hike on the 12th was postponed due to heavy rains the night before the hike)

Report and photos by Rod Hart

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I accompanied Katy on a recce of this hike to ensure a suitable hike for "beginners". On our first attempt we read the map, crossed over the bridge, which we should not have done, and went on a short and scenic detour (Pics 1-7) which was not wasted as this route could always be done by more energetic hikers following the main Krantz walk. After getting back to our starting point it was fairly obvious where we should have gone so we set off again to follow the Krantz walk.

We did a short added trip off the path to the "Waterfall" (Pics 8-12) which was quite leg stretching as in steepness but not all that far. Continuing on from there we started picking up scenic views of the gorge - slightly disconcerting is that at each of the viewpoints (Pics 14-19) the trail signs painted on the rocks point straight off the edge of the cliff! Not so good if you happen to be following the trail markers in the mist!

Towards the end of this walk we come to the quaint Krantz hut, a two person hut with seperate kitchen and abolution facilities (Pics 27-30) - what a feeling it must be to be camped out in this hut in the middle of the night. The hut is available through Cumberland for renting and can be accessed by road.

Pics 1-7 The detour route

Pics 8-12 The Waterfall side route

Pics 14-24 Along the top of the gorge on the Krantz walk

Pic 26 - The Krantz in the distance
Pics 27-30 - The Krantz Hut

Pics 31-32 - Back towards the parking area
Pics 32 - Zebra along the roadway