Sunday 2nd October 2016

Report and photos(1-8) by Rose Dix; additional photoset (9-17) courtesy of John Fourie

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12 eager hikers and John Fourie our excellent leader. Neville Lee;Christopher Dobson; Clive and Erica Rossam;Jill Plummer; Tony Moreno.; Julia Preece ; Julia LLoyd-Hilton; Moraig Peden; Peter Comrie; Sue Rowley

What makes a good hike? Meeting up with ones buddies from years of hiking together (and none of us looking any older) plus the ultimate joy of walking in nature and of course, our super leaders who give up their time to make our hikes such a pleasure.

A long drive for we sparrows from Durbs-by-the-sea, but well worth the early yawns and wonderment of why we do this (at our age!)

Adamshurst is a beautiful, tucked-away,little restaurant which, although it has seen better days, still provides a restful and happy stop over for the most delicious scones, complete with their wicked trimmings, really good coffee and a variety of teas and juices.

The hike begins with an easy downhill stroll – but happy smiles and chatter don't last for long, as the hills are very long and very steep and conversation dwindles to varied grunts and monosyllabic responses to those who still have hot air in their lungs. The views were magnificent, with Nhlosane serenely in the distance posing against a backdrop of theatrical clouds.

A sprinkling of newly opened Wild Flowers tweaked at our dormant brain cells – (spring catches one unaware every year)...the names elude but eventually we identify some of them with combined input from the “flower people”.

Hikers are well known for their creative dressing styles – today being the ultimate Cherry on the Top – as we experienced Rural Couture at its best. John in his innovative colour-coded/short/longs straight off the Spring Fashion Catwalk; Neville in his electric blue voluminous Groundsheet/Bivvie/Poncho – –
and ...
new boot protectors in the form of shower caps.

Why do we hike? For these glorious moments of shared hilarity.

All in all, a truly memorable day.

Thank you John for leading us on a beautiful hike with lovely people.


Photo 1: (8.19am) John's Fashion Trending
Photo 2: (8.37am) Erica and Clive
Photo 3: (8.49am) Just ONE of those hills
Photo 4: (9.32am) Nhlosane and Clouds
Photo 5: (10.18am) Chitty Chatty Tea Time
Photo 6: (12.13pm) no more scones
Photo 7: (12.14pm) WOnder Baker - our Scone Lady and Jill
Photo 8: (12.15pm) Some people always look glamorous even after a long hike

Photoset (9-17) courtesy of John Fourie: