BOUGHTON DAY HIKE (7.2km) - Hike leader Katy Hart
28 AUGUST 2016

Photos & comment by Rod Hart

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Group photo (hikers):Corlia, James, Jacky, Peter, Sue, Kate, Rod

Thanks Katy for providing the opportunity to do a very manageble hike, yet still with quite a lot of variety in terms of hills, cool shaded walks, open forestry tracks, and the very pleasant walk through a leaf covered trail, as well as covering a very respectable 7.2 km, all within the borough of Pietermaritzburg. Also a good opportunity for fellow MHC hikers, Corlia, James, Jacky, Peter, Sue, Kate, Rod and leader Katy to meet and enjoy hiking company.

2. Group photo with leader Katy on the right
3. Off we set
4. And so the climb starts
5. A quick "breather" in what "used to be the forest". Already quite a view over Pmb
6. A welcome cool shaded walk through the wattle plantation
7. Led by Maestro the Dalmation
8. Through a Research Trial section of the plantation
9. Still in the pleasant broken shade of the gum trees
10. Out into a logged section
11. Tall rows of straight gum trees
12. Our happy band of hikers

13. And then one magnificent GIANT gum tree
14. Takes four people to encircle it
15. And it has an interesting spread of branches
16. Katy has another look at the huge tree
17. We take our break in its shade
18. To give a better perspective of its size - our group is dwarfed by the tree

19. Local vegatable garden
20. Off we set on the return journey
21. Local bee hive
22. And some flowers cascading over the bee-enclosure fencing
23. In the distance Lynpark High School
24. "The Scream"?
25. The first part of the return trip is a detour

26. Cutting through some plantation tracks
27. Jacky adding a splash of colour to the plantation Winter colours
28. And then onto a leaf covered trail
29. Thick blanket of leaves
30. Path cutting through the straight gum trees
31. Then into a short section of growth
32. Although it looks overgrown, there is a clear path
33. And back up to the road

34. Water stop for Maestro
35. "What no biscuits with that?"
36. Showing the large area on the right that has been harvested
37. Far in the distance this home owner shows how to make your house stand out in the crowd!
38. Regrouping
39. Everyone including Maestro "taking a break"
40. Last section towards home
41. The surprisingly tall Wattle trees
42. A single leafed plant stands out
43. The short trail out of the plantation
44. All present and accounted for and looking happy enough after their 7.2km hike