Recce of Boughton Forest Walk
13th August 2016

Report and photos by Rod Hart, Recce conducted by Katy Hart

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Recce group photo!

Pic 2: Top of Ashby Road where the hike starts from
pic 3: Start of the hike
Pic 4: Still low down but a bit of a view
Pic 5: After a dusty climb a pleasant shaded walk through the Wattle plantation
Pic 6: Surprisingly tall wattle trees
Pic 7: Maestro running ahead then darting back
Pic 8: Where the roads meet
Pic 9: Stylish house in the far distance

Pic 10: ICFR - Institute for Commercial Forestry Research
Pic 11: Research trial dated 08/03/2004 "Low Altitude Progeny Trial"
Pic 12: A lot of logging has been going on in the plantation
Pic 13: Another parting of paths
Pic 14: Through the gum plantation
Pic 15: Our turn back and lunch point
Pic 16: Base station for the logging operations
Pic 17: Stockpile
Pic 18: Scare crows...
Pic 19: This gum tree is HUGE, pic doesn't do it justice it needs to be seen!
Pic 20: Closer up of its matted branches
Pic 21: Flower!
Pic 22: Active beehive in a fenced off area
Pic 23: Katy getting Maestro to pose for our lunch stop photo

Pic 24: Quite a dip and a climb at the start of our return route, Katy taking the incline cautiously
Pic 25: ... and up the other side
Pic 26: LinPark High in the not so far distance
Pic 27: Hollow in tree stump, wanted a photo of Maestro looking through it but he would not oblige
Pic 28: Interesting tree in the garden of a home bordering on the plantation
Pic 29: Our path on the edge of the plantation
Pic 30: Katy stands in our route back into the plantation
Pic 31: I start seeing spooky faces in the tree stumps
Pic 32: ...then I see the face of a Bassett hound looking up at me
Pic 33: Blue flower!
Pic 34: Large white fungi attached to a tree stump

Pic 35: Katy working out "where to now..."
Pic 36: Katy working out "where to now..."
Pic 37: Got it we go "this way"
Pic 38: Amazing carpet of leaves
Pic 39: Then we hit a bit of vegetation
Pic 40: Clearing the bush out of the way
Pic 41: Past the lemon tree...
Pic 42: Bit of a scramble back up to the road
Pic 43: Back to where the roads all meet
Pic 44: Some luminous looking bright green fungi on a tree stump
Pic 45: ... and back to the start! Katy's aloe bought at the Ashburton Aloe Festival some years back, looking good in flower