Sunday 15 May 2016

Report and photos courtesy of Rose Smith. Hike Leader: Penny Purchase

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It was a lovely clear day with the most gorgeous blue skies! The Wild Dagga plants were in flower and we were very pleased to spot a lovely big herd of Blesbok on the hillside. The Autumn colours did look really lovely at Michaelhouse ... such lovely views from the Nature Reserve.

PIC 1: View over Michaelhouse grounds
PIC 2: Nguni Bull up on hillside
PIC 3: View of dam
PIC 4: Above the dam
PIC 5: The trail took us through the forest and down to a lovely brook at the bottom
PIC 6: We saw lots of Wild dagga plants in flower on the walk
PIC 7: Taken just in front of the Nguni cattle enclosure - 2 brand new hikers up on the trail ahead
PIC 8: View from the Michaelhouse Mvulani Lapa of the beautiful indigenous forest