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Katy's will be the main write-up, but I congratulate her on leading this hike for the first time so well. Unfortunately Charlie was sick so there were just 6 of us on the hike, Katy, Paul & Joanna (prospective members), Rohan (A member but first backpacking hike with the club) & Margaret & Keith.

The weather was perfect & it was a great weekend - these photos help to illustrate the beauty of the Berg & what members can experience on a cave weekend.


1. The lovely view from near the office
2. Crossing the Delmhlwazini Stream
3. Small stream crossing up Van Heyningen's pass
4. Katy keeping a cool head before more climbing up Van Heyningen's pass
5. Still climbing up the pass
6. At the top of Van Heyningen's pass
7. Looking down onto the camp from near the top of the pass
8. Lunchtime at the top of the pass for Paul, Joanna, Katy & Margaret - Rohan just out of photo

9. Lovely flowers on rock-face near Wonder Valley Cave
10. A closer look at the flowers
11. The lovely pool & waterfall, close-by but lower than the cave
12. Paul & Joanna on their way down to the pool
13. Still on their way down
14. Margaret & Paul in the beautiful but chilly pool
15. Katy relaxing in the pool

16. After settling-in at the cave 3 of us had a 2hr exploration hike well above the cave
17. A lovely waterfall found on our exploration
18. Katy next to the waterfall with other cascades higher up
19. Katy on a rock outcrop above Wonder Valley Cave Annexe - main cave off pic to left
20. Rohan & Katy in Wonder Valley Cave Annex (500 m from main cave)
21. Katy & Rohan descending from Wonder Valley Cave Annexe
22. Another lovely waterfall below our exploration area

23. Back at our main pool where Katy & Rohan search for Rohan's lost spectacles
24. Still searching for the lost spectacles
25. Eureka Katy found them at the bottom of pool
26. Katy so pleased to retrieve Rohan's spectacles
27. Rohan looking pleased with Katy's find as Paul looks on
28. So pleased to get these spectacles back on

29. Early morning view of Cathkin, Monks Cowl & Champagne Castle from the cave
30. Just finishing breakfast in the cave on Sun morning
31. View of the high escarpment after our climb out from the cave Sun morn.
32. Still high but on our way back to camp Sun Morn.
33. Starting our descent of Van Heyningen's pass
34. All still looking strong as we descend the pass
35. Still going down
36. View of the pass
37. Careful over these slippy rocks down the pass
38. Just after Rohan slipped & was above ankle deep in the stream

39. Arriving back at the reserve over the bridge