Boulders Dam hike led by Dave Coward
12 March 2016

Report and photos by Penny Purchase
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Saturday afternoon hike with Dave Coward leading. Only 4 of us on the hike – Dave, Katy, Rowan, and Penny

Pic 1: Dave and Katy at the snack stop at the dam
Pic 2: Boulder Dam
Pic 3: Rowan, Dave and Katy, resting weary legs
Pic 4: Penny, Dave and Katy
Pic 5: Stunning view over Maritzburg after a steep climb up towards Mt Verde
Pic 6: The downhill path was steep and slippery so walking on the leaves was the safer option
Pic 7: On the level through the cool forest heading for Dunrobin
Pic 8: These ginger plants enjoyed living in the shade of the forest trees