Boulders Dam hike led by Dave Coward
12 March 2016

Report and photos by Katy Hart
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A rather disappointing three hikers and hike leader Dave Coward, met at Dunrobin Nursery for a chilled afternoon hike to Boulder’s dam in the Ferncliff Reserve. The weather was hot, but thankfully only the first stretch uphill was in full sun, thereafter the shady trees cooled us as we slugged on up to the top.

We entered Ferncliff and followed a flat path leading us to Boulders Dam where on the way we passed a friendly and much bigger group of Durban Ramblers. At the dam, we sat for a rest and some snacks, then made a group decision to head on further up another path for some stunning views of Maritzburg – definitely worth the extra climb. From there it was homeward bound and downhill all the way back to the cars.

Thanks Dave for a really pleasant hike, hopefully next time you will have more support.