31 January 2016

Report and photos by hike leader Keith Ashton

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1. Shelter Falls & pool

2. Crossing Shelter Stream
3. Looking down onto Shelter Camp
4. Rest time with the view into the Umgeni Valley
5. The Black Eagle Trail - Albert Falls Dam in the distance
6. Enjoying the rest & view of the Umgeni River below
7. Carrot time for Apollo to improve the eyesight
8. This is the life
9. Lovely pom pom tree at one of the accommodation cottages
10. View into the valley from the end picnic site
11. Apollo finishing lunch at the shaded picnic site

12. Julia leads the descent to Dwarfs Dawdle
13. One of the Mountain Club signs for the practice climbs
14. Immaculate Wall Climb - not today for our hikers
15. Keep this information handy
16. Taking care for the falcons
17. Keep to the track if you can see it
18. Bridge over no water today
19. Feeding time for the young zebra
20. I may be a baby but I still love a good scratch