Sunday 24 Jan 2016

Report and photos by Keith Ashton

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1. Brian, the leader explaining what to expect

2. Rest of the hikers listening to Brian
3. Part way into Chase Valley forest - Katy with spotted Maestro
4. Our group plodding uphill
5. Being passed by mountain bikers with their little dog in tow

6. Looking down on an affluent home
7. Affluent homes & the city beyond
8. Stinkhorn fungus - (Aseroe ruba) breaking through the leaves
9. Stinkhorn fungus from a different angle
10. Continuing down from Chase Valley Heights
11. Next crop of trees in process of planting - city beyond
12. Heading down to the city in very hot conditions

Thanks to Brian for leading the enjoyable hike in hot conditions with a large group of about 30 people.