31st Dec 2015 - 2nd Jan 2016

Report and photos by Keith Ashton

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Welcoming the dawn of the New Year

1. Ready for our first hike from the hut
2. After 5km - ready for a swim at Cedrics Pool
3. One of several streams to cross on way to Vast Cave
4. Hettie feeling rock steady & happy
5. Harry also feeling happy but stuck in the rock
6. Anna with a head-aching pose
7. Rest time for some at last river before Vast Cave
8. Remainder of our group arriving at Vast Cave after stiff climb
9. Vast Cave aptly named due to the huge size
10. Pitch dark inside the cave & flash needed for photos - entrance can be seen in the distance
11. Only part way in the cave - Margaret looking at the vast inside
12. Hettie still feeling a bit rocky
13. Hettie looking to heaven for a way to get down
14. Another river crossing on our way back to hut after first day

15. Umbrellas at the ready as the rain gets harder
16.Smiling, if not singing in the rain
17. Rose & Margret K taking a rest - Devils Knuckles (left) & Thaba Ngwangwe in background
18. The 3 Margarets & 3 Knuckles in background
19. Dave & Hettie on lovers leap with clenched Knuckles in background
20. Steve living on the edge with Ash-Wed mountain in background
21. Our group on old Jeep track - Part of Giants Cup Trail many years ago
22. Harry with reverse overhang on top of Overhang Rock
23. Iona Stewart with Mountain Club friends in Slab Cave
24. The ladies having a swim under Overhang Rock
25. Our 8 ladies resting at the hut after a hard days hike
26. Margret juggling the candles - New Years day eve.

27. Silhouettes admiring a beautiful sky at sunset
28. Early morning as the sun rises near the hut
29. Mother & foal at New England Stud Farm
30. A well earned rest after climbing up to the beacon
31. Harry doing his famous Half-Mast trick again
32. The 2 Margarets enjoying friendship for more years than anyone can remember
33. Hettie in training for her next hard hike - but what a messy eater
34. Our welcome visitor near the beacon
35. Now its back down again
36. That's enough of hiking lets catch a bus
37. View from Secret Cave
38. Its tiring being a new foal as mum looks on
39. What a beautiful spot to finish our 3 days of hiking
40. Three of our ladies enjoying a massage & cooling off before we travel home