Midlands Hiking Club
Mare’s Tail Falls
Kwa Zulu Midlands
14 September 2015

Neville led a large group of MHC Club members as well as a number of visitors to the Mare’s Tail Falls in the Karkloof Valley. The weather forecast prior to the week end indicated a Not Too Pleasant day, however, undaunted – Neville’s email to all was - we are WALKING unless it pours with rain. So there !!!!!!!

A surprising number of hikers duly met at the appointed time and place. The weather was cool, overcast and misty, and looked worse higher up the hill which we had to climb to get to the lip of the waterfall.

A long slow snail of hikers inched their way up the slippery, wet steep forest path. Wet leaves and sticky spots of damp clay had boots slipping and sliding, while any handholds of branches or tree trunks were used to help the upward movement of bodies ( Coming down was going to be fun) The mist in the forest added a mysterious and fairy like look and feel to the walk.

We started to wonder if Neville’s promise of “lots of Clivia” would come true. As we climbed no sight of these flowers were to be seen , then suddenly a shout from the front, and the clivia were there. Quick pics by some of us, the others had moved on , what was the rush, we had come to see the flowers . At the top of the hill, and out of the forest , but still in thick mist, Neville had to gather his troops as they were spread all over the place. A quick “talking to” to the culprits about “mist etiquette and hiking” and we headed off to the top of the falls for lunch. We did not know what we would see in the mist, but on arrival at the lip, the mist and low cloud started to lift, leaving us with wonderful, lunch views of the valley and surrounding areas.

A short lunch, a walk about further along the top of the hill, then repack and start to head for home. The troops were well trained by now, and the slippery way home was achieved with plenty of regrouping spots, and much to all our amazements, not much – "posterior biting of the ground" was encountered.

Out of the forest, and back on firm ground we passed the camping area main building, past the well manicured camping spots, found our vehicles and headed home. Thanks to Neville for his leadership, and to all for sharing in the day.