Photos & Report courtesy of Keith Ashton; additional photos contributed by Brian Henwood and Charles Guiot.

Group photo (contributed by hike leader Brian Henwood)

Thirteen keen hikers met at Cascades shopping centre car park, near the Memorial for Burry Stander (Renowned cyclist) with Katy & Charlie's even keener dog Maestro.

After Brian explained our route we set off through the forest on our climb (the forest being great place for local hikers, dog walkers & cyclists) in almost perfect weather, lovely blue skies & brilliant sunshine, the temperatures getting hotter & hotter as the day & climbs progressed.

After a while we entered Queen Elizabeth Park where we earned a bit of a rest & snacks at the education area where we could sit at several tables in the shade of lovely trees - the educational posters etc were a bit past their best & some restoration of the area would be welcome, but all quite enjoyable in any case.Soon we were on our way again & travelled past the up-market Park Village - Victoria Country Club Estate & then the Q.E. Park head office of KZN Wildlife, seeing zebra & impala en-route.

Soon we started our stiffer climbs, by now in very hot conditions towards our goal of Worlds View, but we had good vistas of the City below us as we travelled upwards.On our way we stopped to view the plaque which gave a clear depiction of the numerous PMB trails available in the area.Eventually we approached the Worlds View Site & decided to have lunch & badly need fluids in the shade of the trees before making our way to the view site.

After reaching the view site we relaxed taking in the vast panoramic views over the City far below us. It is here "on top of the world", where in 1838 Voortrekker ox wagons trundled down the slopes of the Drakensberg mountains into the future Pietermaritzburg, making this historic rugged road a national monument.

Then it was downhill from here, mostly retracing our up-route, still in very hot conditions, part of our group taking a bit of a short-cut (some feeling strain after a good work-out), with the rest of us continuing the way we had come. Eventually we reached our starting point at Cascades Sopping Centre where we said our goodbyes after an excellent & rewarding hike ably led by Brian - thanks Brian for your leadership & the rest of our group for your good company & companionship.

The accompanying photos illustrate some features of the hike.

Photo 1: Near start of hike - Memorial to Burry Stander
Photo 2: On our way through the forest near Cascades
Photo 3: Keen 4-legged hiker Maestro with Katie, Charlie, Brian & Neville
Photo 4: Alistair & Kathy at the educational area Queen Elizabeth Park
Photo 5: Entrance to Park Village - Victoria Country Club Estate
Photo 6: Continuing on our way through Queen Elizabeth Park
Photo 7: Colourful butterfly hitching a lift on Neville's boot
Photo 8: Climbing higher & higher towards Worlds View

Photo 9: Plaque showing PMB trails - Q.E. Park - Worlds View etc
Photo 10: Slight rest on the bridge over the gravel road - still on the way to Worlds View
Photo 11: Looking down to Brian taking a photo of us on the bridge
Photo 12: Looking down from the bridge to Katy, Maestro & Gill
Photo 13: Lovely view down to PMB from the Worlds View Point
Photo 14: More fantastic views - note the floor mosaics
Photo 15: What a fantastic panorama on a beautiful hot & sunny day
Photo 16: Close-up of some of the mosaic illustrations at Worlds View
Photo 17: Maestro - had a long enjoyable walk - looking forward to the downhill home
Photo 18: On our way back to Cascades along the stream - lined with bamboo
Photo 19: Getting ready for home after an excellent hike


Additional photos contributed by Brian Henwood and Charles Guiot.
Description: WORLD'S VIEW: Five hour hike starting at Cascades Shopping Centre at 8.30 and walking through Queen Elizabeth Park and the plantations with good views of the city and back via Ferncliffe Nature Reserve and Chase Valley.