Day Hike  Cedara
Saturday 19 July 2014
Hike leader  Brian Henwood
Report and photos  Peter Rippon

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01  We met at the parking lot of the Rotunda in Cedara at 8am on a frosty Saturday morning.
02-03  We set out past agricultural lands with the Cedara Agricultural College visible to our right.
04  We passed in and out of forestry plantations.
05  The land was dry with signs of veld fires everywhere  occasionally tendrils of smoke still emerging from blackened stumps and tufts of grass indicated that the fires had been very recent.
06  Shale quarry.

07  Winding dirt road disappearing into the distance.
08-10  Magical morning light streaming through the trees in this gum tree plantation  not sure if it was mist, smoke, or dust, but the effect is just as beautiful regardless.
11  Circumventing a collapsed (or possible deliberately destroyed) bridge over a trickling stream.
12  Passing by the backs of residential properties  a nice composition of burnt ground, dry grass, colourful trees and bushes, and blue sky. The photo was meant to be of the heron in the tree but it is very small in the picture.

13-14  We came out by Dennis Shepstone Drive but stayed on the forestry roads.
15  Stopped for a tea break.
16  The view from our tea spot.
17  Heading off again.
18-21  Sundae cooling off in a river.

22  Nice view into the distance through a break in the forest.
23  Walking through pine saplings.
24  Heading towards Swartkop.
25  Fortunately, instead of climbing the mountain we took a right and headed through the forests.
26-27  A lone dead tree dwarfing the plantation trees.

28  The long and dusty road.
29  Someone had been collecting pine cones in piles at the feet of the trees  strangely, this was an area of gum trees, not pine trees!
30  The Rotunda finally came back into view, and we sat down at the restaurant and soothed our dry throats with cold beers or hot tea or coffee (depending on each hiker s preference) and had a bite to eat.