4 May 2014

Report and photos by Annie Waterhouse

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The 10 luckiest members of the Midlands Hiking club spent Sunday 4th May at Tillietudlem Trout and Game Farm. Hot coffee and tea awaited our arrival and with running repairs done to a hiking boot we finally got on our way. Wesley and Sanele showed us the route and asked for any special interests. Raptors were mentioned, and no sooner had we got under way when a pair of fish eagles was spotted. Sanele confirmed that they raise a chick every year. On the way home a Bateleur eagle followed the group, perhaps hoping to be invited for lunch. We passed the gorgeous nguni herd who seemed perfectly happy to share their piece of paradise with wildebeest and eland.

The steep climb was rewarded with the most inviting waterfall and pool. Only two paddlers braved the chilly water.

On our return to the Colonial house we were treated to the most scrumptious lunch of Venison pie with sweet potato chips and a delicious mango and orange dessert.

Thank you to the staff of Tillietudlem, we certainly will return.