Report by Libby Deysel and photos courtesy of John & Alistair

To all the sleepy-heads who awoke on Sunday morning, took one look at the grey sky and decided that bed was a better option, so sorry that you missed a great hike and perfect day! However, to those ladies who were being spoilt on Mothers’ Day – you are excused and hope you had a great day!

Due to my having had my Mothers’ Day spoiling the day before I decided to brave the weather as I need to cram in as much hiking as I can before I depart these shores for 6 months! John, Kevin and I met Alistair at the gate to Adamshurst where we waited awhile for two more hikers who, sadly, did not join us.

John led us up a slightly less steep route to the one I had been on before. We hadn’t gone far when we were greeted by a pack of barking, but friendly dogs – the owner certainly didn’t need an alarm system – and passed a small herd of healthy looking cows and calves. We skirted a small wattle plantation where they were busy felling the trees and stripping the bark, then on and up through grasslands. There was some bundu bashing through some fairly long grass, but mostly we were able to follow well cut paths and had a water break by a stream with a picnic site complete with benches. All the grey clouds had disappeared, so we had blue skies, sunshine and a slight breeze for the entire hike.

From the ridge we had a great view of Midmar. The hills now have their autumn/winter look about them, but it was quite a surprise to see from the top of the ridge a green valley hidden away behind the hills. We stopped for lunch overlooking this valley – see photos supplied by Alistair of John giving his “Sermon on the Mount”! Both Alistair and John took panoramic photos from the ridge, from where we could see the Berg and Inhlosane.

John’s circuitous route for the hike was ideal as during our descent we overlooked Midmar and as we neared Adamshurst the trees with their autumnal colours were spectacular. We finished off the hike with cappuccinos and cream scones in the café. Alistair and John gave a photography lesson to the waitress who was very pleasant and obliging – café well worth a visit. Thanks to John, Kevin and Alistair for their company and lots of laughs.

Au Revoir till the end of the year!