Adamshurst Farm
Mpophomeni / Midmar Area
25 August 2013
Hike Leader: John Fourie

Report and photos by Peter Rippon
Additional photos by Rod Hart and John Fourie

On the hike were: myself, Rod, Andy, Julia, Jeff, Christie, and our leader John (who was behind the camera)

We met at the Adamshurst Nursery at 8:30 am. The day was sunny and hazy with intermittent cloud and cool winds. The conditions were nice for walking but the view of the far distance was limited. On a clear day the hike promises views all the way to the Drakensberg, but on this day the furthest landmark we could make out was the ghostly silhouette of Nhlazane.

We set off heading uphill, and it would be uphill most of the way to our tea break spot. It was steep in places but we proceeded at an easy pace and it was not too strenuous.

Pic 1: Starting the climb upwards.
Pic 2: The view backwards. The nursery can be seen through the trees.
Pic 3: Midmar Dam coming into view to our right.
Pic 4: Hills and clumps of forest to our left.

Pic 5: Higher up, a better view of the dam.
Pic 6: Every rise we crested looked to be the top of the hill, but there was always another one after it.
Pic 7: We did finally reach the top of this hill, but our destination was still higher up at the top of another hill.
Pic 8: Another look back.

Pic 9: The valley beneath us.
Pic 10: Fresh green grass on the fire-break, and an orange flower among the rocks.
Pic 11: Reaching the top of the second hill.
Pic 12: Our destination. (PHOTO: ROD)

Pics 13-15: We found some rocks to sit on to have our snack break and enjoy the view of the valley on the other side.

After our snack break it was time to head back down again. We took a different route with gentler slopes. Although our stomachs were satisfied by our mid-morning snack, we looked forward to tea or coffee and scones when we got back to the nursery café.

Pic 16: Heading back down.
Pic 17: Down some more.
Pic 18: Rod took plenty of photos of the flowers we saw, be sure to check out his photo report (Adamshurst 2)
Pic 19: We walked alongside a tree plantation for a while.

Pic 20: Heading for a patch of trees at the bottom of the hill.
Pic 21: Passing briefly through the trees.
Pic 22: In and out of the trees.
Pic 23-24: We finally returned to the nursery, to enjoy our tea / coffee and scones.

Pic 25: A well-satisfied group of hikers! (PHOTO: ROD)