Alverstone Wildlife Park, 14th July 2013

Report & photos courtesy of Brian Henwood

With mild weather and a cool breeze Sandy Miles lead a well-attended hike through the privately-owned Alverstone Wildlife Park at Assagay on 14 July 2013. This was a new hiking venue and an unfamiliar experience for most of her group of 18. Impala, wildebeest and blesbok were plentiful on the upper flat grassland areas although the wildlife were somewhat timid in our presence.

We descended quite steeply into the valley, crossed the stream below the dam and ventured along a circular route which lead us through indigenous forest and back to higher ground. Once we had climbed out of the valley it was time for a relaxation break. The short grass around the upper dam was an ideal place to rest and enjoy the company of our hikers in the tranquility of the wildlife park. Looking south across to Hillcrest and beyond, if it were not for the hazy conditions I am sure we could have seen the ocean.

Once back at the boma the fire was lit and 13 of us tucked into our braai meat and salads before drifting off to enjoy the rest of the day in the comfort of our homes. Some weary hikers would probably have fallen asleep in front of the 'tele'.