Report by Annie Waterhouse, photos courtesy of Brian Henwood

The hikers included: Bushy Kirby (leader), Chris Dobson, Rob & Nelly Melis, Brian & Veronica Henwood, Philip Grant, Christie Exall, Linda Bruss, Jeff Mayall, Stephanie & Nikki & Maxine (visitors), Annie, Carolee (plus Sundae, of course).

One can always rely on Bushy to find interesting and out of the way places, this was no exception!!! The longish drive was rewarded with a spectacular hike on the edge of Mqeku river valley. The geology and geography of the area was impressive, with steep cliffs and rocky outcrops. Most extraordinary was ‘The Crack”, a deep fissure running from the top of the escarpment to the valley below. Some braver members ventured part of the way down.

The return trek took us through ploughed fields, burnt sugar cane, gum plantations, and pristine grassland always with temping views ‘just over the edge’. Many thanks to Bushy, a great outing enjoyed by all!