Ferncliffe Nature Reserve, Sunday 26 May 2013

Report by Annie Waterhouse, photos courtesy of Brian Henwood and Annie Waterhouse

Twelve members of the Midlands Hiking Club met at 8 a.m. on Sunday 26th May at Ferncliffe Nature Reserve. This was to be a different outing as Annie Waterhouse explained the methods of using a GPS to find geocaches hidden in the Reserve. These caches had been hidden and published on the www.geocaching.com website by fellow geocachers.

Annie explained the different cache sizes and pointed out how to read the prompts with regard to level of difficulty and terrain. GPSís and hint sheets in hand we set off to find the first cache at Boulder Dam. It was easily sniffed out by master geocacher young Max! Breakfast Rock was another story and after a steep climb we reached the marvellous view site where the next cache was hidden. Brianís GPS took him right over the spot but it took careful exploration before it was located. Buoyed up by these successes we confidently went in search of the next cache. This proved not to be, we searched high and low but to no avail. We were rewarded with a further two finds close to the car park, so a successful day in all.

All participants enjoyed learning a new skill and hunting down the elusive geocaches. For more information about geocaching go to www.geocaching.com and watch the short video that explains this international outdoor treasure hunt pursuit.