Monks Cowl 23 March 2013

Report and photos courtesy of John Fourie

Set off on a stunning Friday morning. On arrival found It too hot to hike so spent a pleasant afternoon in the swimming pool. It was delightfull to watch the unending line of adventurous youngsters leaping off the high diving board.

Originally Eight people were due to hike the week end. We set off with Four people from Monks cowl on Saterday morning. The leader John Fourie set off with Kostya, his girl friend Patricia and Christie.

On the way up near the start we encountered the ultimate display of faith and goodwill. A stand was set up next to the path displaying engraved walking sticks.There was no one in sight. A little tin with a notice rquesting payment (an honesty container) after making the selection of your choice.

Visibility was excellent and the views breath taking en route to the base and start of the path up to Sterkhorn on the contour path.

Lunch was taken next to a stream in the protection and shade of some trees. This was shared with three other groups that had similar ideas.

Clouds had begun to build up after lunch so we headed back down. They did fortunately not develope further or become threatening.

It was encouraging to see and pass so many hikers utilising this popular trail. Many from up country. How fortunate we are to have this on our door step.

Sunday morning it was decided that a short stroll be taken before returning home.

Photo 1 & 2 Group
Photo 3 - "Sticks" - 4 Sale Trust Display
Photo 4 - Patrica Falls
Photo 5 - Patrica Falls
Photo 6
Photo 7 - Cooling off



Photo 14 & 15 - Side View Cathkin
Photo 16 - Katy & Patricia
Photo 17 - Baboons indigenous
Photo 18 - Cathkins Steak Horn
Photo 19 - Swimming Pool
Photo 20 - Weir
Photo 21 - Horse riders
Photo 22 - Dragon Deaks Resort