Penny, Libby, Mary, Stella, Harry, Sandy and Dave all arrived at the Spinney, in the Loteni, on Friday afternoon, where we were warmly welcomed by our hosts Jan and Russel. We settled into our accomodation, Stella and Harry in The Annex, Penny, Libby, Sandy and Dave in The Spinney, and Mary in the house. We all gathered together for drinks, followed by a delicious dinner prepared for us by Jan. Such a treat!

Early on Saturday morning we made our way to Mkhomazi to meet up with John's group of hikers, who were going to spend the night in Cyprus cave.

Fifteen of us set off for the cave on a beautiful, soft, cool, misty morning.

There had been a lot of rain recently, and the Nzinga River was high and running very strongly. Luckily we had some strong men to help us across.

River crossing over, we put on our boots, strapped on our packs and set off into the green wilderness.

Diamond encrusted grass seeds.

As we walked the mist lifted revealing beautiul vistas and trickling waterfalls.

We stopped to compare back packs - the over-nighters ....

..and the day hikers.

We arrived at the cave, hidden behind the waterfall, at about 11.30, just in time for elevenses.

Refreshed, we all emerged into the brightening day, to climb the mountain. The stream was flowing too strongly to allow for a safe crossing where the foot path led, so we made our way through the wet grass, with Sandy urging us onwards and upwards, very determined to reach to top.

Spot the Easter Bunny

It was well worth the effort! We sat on the edge of the mountain to eat our lunch surrounded by beautiful views of the 'berg emerging from the mist.

The day hikers left the cave overnighters to explore some of the waterfalls we had passed on the way up, and we made our way back to the camp, Harry and Dave safely negotiating our way onto the correct path, and helping us across the river. We all thoroughly enjoyed the hike, the views and the company, and we were very happy to return to the comfort of the Spinney, and a Bring and Share dinner with Jan and Russel, accommpanied by lots of fun and laughter.

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny, and Jan took us on a meandering walk to have a look at some waterfalls and more views. Then home for lunch.

We had a wonderful, restful weekend with Jan and Russel, and we were thoroughly spoiled by their hospitality. Can't wait for our next visit.