Cyprus Cave, 16-17 February 2013

Comments and photos courtesy of Keith Ashton

Photo 1: Leader John ready to start the hike
Photo 2: Heading for first stream crossing - pants need to come off as well as boots
Photo 3: Track still a bit wet underfoot
Photo 4: Arriving at Cyprus Cave
Photo 5: Entering the cave
Photo 6: Having lunch or snacks in the wettish cave

Photo 7: After refreshments we head upwards to explore
Photo 8: Some convivial chat before climbing higher
Photo 9: Still climbing
Photo 10: John leads our group of cavers & day-hikers even higher
Photo 11: Some of the many waterfalls - see the mist descending
Photo 12: Near our final exploration waterfall - only our overnight cavers reached this point
Photo 13: On our long trek back to the cave before the mist blanketed us completely
Photo 14: Pleased to have arrived safely back in the comfy but wettish cave
Photo 15: Charlie, Karyn & Katy our younger group members having a hot cuppa

Photo 16: Early Sunday morning view into our wettish cave
Photo 17: The Cyprus overhang small sleeping area - not accessible this trip
Photo 18: John getting ready to leave our sleeping spot on Sun morn.
Photo 19: Karyn, Katy & Charlie getting ready to leave their sleeping spot - notice the wet ground
Photo 20: Last preparations before heading back to Mkhomazi office

Photo 21: Karyn on top of a nice overhang en-route back
Photo 22: Lovely Sunday morning view - Kamberg is on the other side of this ridge
Photo 23: Crossing the last stream - now lower with less force than our Sat crossing
Photo 24: More of us crossing the stream
Photo 25: Last of us crossing the stream
Photo 26: The end of another great weekend - thanks to Leader John