Mpsuhini Conservancy. Sunday 6 January 2013

Photos by Rod Hart
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MPUSHINI CONSERVANCY- Decribed as a morning stroll through the thornveld to a rest stop with spectacular views across the uMngeni valley to Table Mountain in the distance (see Photo 15). Finishing back at Impala Bend with cold refreshments on the deck. As Brian, our hike leader had anticipated that it could be a hot day we met early at 6:30 am on Pope Ellis Drive just off the Ashburton interchange and travelled from there to Impala Bend from where our band of 20 hikers set off at 7:00am.

Photo 1: Mother and baby Impala wandering around on the property at Impala Bend
Photo 2: The Nyala family curiously eyes out the hikers
Photo 3: Pre hike briefing
Photo 4: Impala on the road in the distance

Photo 5: We turn off the road, unlock a gate to the Conservancy, and we are in
Photo 6: Brian inspects the troups
Photo 7: The track
Photo 8: A rest stop
Photo 9: Another drinks stop, there is quite a climb, so we were glad of having started early
Photo 10: Acacia trees in full yellow bloom
Photo 11-12: As we got higher the dense bush gave way to more open veld

Photo 13-14: Spot the "Stick Insect" thank you Peter Wedge for pointing this little fellow out to me
Photo 15-17: View with Table Mountain in the background and Umgeni River in the valley
Photo 18: A very welcome tea break at the viewsite
Photo 19: Getting creative with a branch in the foreground and the Umgeni river in the background
Photo 20: My yellow flower picture

Photo 21-22: Aloes
Photo 23: "Lantana"

Photo 24: Back at the road, a welcome break under deep shade and enjoying the breeze now that we were out in the open, really felt the heat and humidity while walking through the bush track
Photo 25: My position was even more horizontal as this view up through the leafy tree shows!
Photo 26: Back on the road

Photo 27-29: Of course the incentive to get back to Impala Bend is a rest and cool at the Bar and Deck
Photo 30: A Yellow-billed Kite (I think?) spotted as I drove out from Impala Bend