Hike to Gwen Falls, Hilton College Conservancy, Sunday 16th December 2012
Photos by Rod Hart, and Katy Hart (KH), comments by Rod


Pic 1 What else would you expect in a Conservancy bathroom basin?
Pic 2 Brian readys the group of 25 MHC hikers for the hike to Gwen Falls (or there abouts)
Pic 3 Off we set up the road
Pic 4 We branch off at the sign - the trails are very well maintained and signposted
Pic 5 On the grasslands
Pic 6 The group poses for a group portrait
Pic 7 and we are off again

Pic 8 Katy and Brian next to one of many old tree ferns seen along the way
Pic 9 Hikers filing past the same tree fern
Pic 10 An interesting hollowed out tree trunk with the tree still alive and growing
Pic 11-11a-f Out of the grasslands we are now into a denser part of the trail - still well maintained all the way

Pic - 11g A little bug hitchhikes on the back of Libby's backpack
Pic - 11h A pause while Brian consults the map...
Pic - 12 An interesting root growing over a rock
Pic - 13-13b Katy takes a photo as the gradient increases... and here is the photo she took!
Pic - 14 A root with the appearance of having been poured over the rock
Pic - 15-16 Old aloes and lush green vegitation
Pic - 16a one of many ant-nest holes seen along the way
Pic - 16b View
Pic - 16c-d More climbing
Pic - 17 We stop for a break and turn back just below Pinnacle Rock, falling a little short of our aim to make it to Gwen Falls

Pic 17b-e Down, down, and more down we carefully descend
Pic 17f Back out into the more open veld
Pic 18 Flower!
Pic 19 Paw print! Thought it may be of some vicious animal, but it appears to be that of a dog, which is interesting since dogs are not permitted in the Conservancy
Pic 20 Katy waits for and photographs the last of the hikers (her old dad...) emerging along the trail
Pic 21 Back at the Boma the Xmas festivities get going...