Cyprus Cave
24-25th November 2012

Photos courtesy of Kate Hart (KH), Richard Hunt (RH), and John Fourie (JF)

Micah needs to be commended and congratulated for his efforts and high levels of maintenance at Mkomazi.

The conditions of the paths were excellent. One section of approximately a kilometre had been mowed. This was, "The highway to heaven".

Both caves are now fully functional. A great effort has been made at clearing and leveling areas and laying down straw. Such a neat touch. We need more people like you.

Thank you Micah! We all had a great time.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let them speak for themselves. I have taken the liberty of adding some remarks. Enjoy as much as we did. Remember, Cyprus cave is calling.

John Fourie (Leader)

Pic 1 Leader John Fourie & Katy Hart
Pic 1b For those who wish to dispute the spelling?
Pic 2 John's backpack!
Pic 2c Oh dear! Where is my watch?
Pic 3 Leader's duty? From top to bottom and back up again, to look for Katy's watch
Pic 3a Found it! Back at the river crossing
Pic 3b Happiness! Thanks John. Ihave it back again.
Pic 4 Newly mowed path made for pleasant hiking
Pic 5a Katy
Pic 6 John & Richard
Pic 7 Looking up at the majestic green mountains
Pic 8 View down to original cave 200m from the new cave around the corner
Pic 9a Katy

Pic 10 Huddle of bushes in the crease of a mountain
Pic 11 John on the path down to Cyprus Cave
Pic 11b Katy follows
Pic 12 A cascade downstream from the cave
Pic 12b Cyprus Cave with 1.8m deep pool
Pic 13 John heading to the cave
Pic 13a Katy & the cave
Pic 15b View inside the cave from the opposite bank
Pic 15c A cave with a view
Pic 15d Cave with en suite and deep pool
Pic 16 From inside
Pic 17 Water cascading over the top
Pic 18 ... into the pool below
Pic 19 View framed from inside Cyprus Cave

Pic 20 The path
Pic 20a Friend or foe?
Pic 21 Locust peeking out
Pic 21a Photo shoot for Katy
Pic 21b John regaling fellow hikers with his war stories!
Pic 21c John shows how to relax
Pic 22 View from our exploration around the cave
Pic 22b Panoramic view of our surrounds
Pic 23 Yeeow
Pic 24 It gets better once you are used to it
Pic 26a Katy going into the waterfall

Pic 27 Katy's dinner
Pic 28 & 28a Two views of the bedroom
Pic 28b "Bad Hair Monster" in Katy's sleeping bag
Pic 29 Homeward bound into the mist