Led by Cecil Hackney
Natal Midlands
7 October 2012

Photos and report courtesy of Dave Sclanders

How time flies, and can the weather be so bad for 2 years in a row for the same hike ? See the NOVEMBER 2011 Club Newsletter for more information.

Thanks to Keith and Cecil for organising and leading this hike on the very beautiful Everdon Estate. This has always been a popular hike, and despite the maybe poor weather forecast a number of hardy hikers, and some newie hikers met just outside Howick to travel to Everdon.

The weather was not great, in fact pretty awful , low mist, bit of drizzle  the kind that does not help you on deciding as to whether to put on a raincoat or not. The very seasoned and experienced Cecil was of the strong opinion that this weather  would burn off, and give us a lovely day Sometimes ,  seasoning does not help.

Arriving at Everdon , we put on which ever gear we thought appropriate, and those who had not come prepared  well they just got  what ever the weather threw them.

As we walked up long hills and short hills, through pastures, and past curious animals who probably wondered what this strange assortment of  things were that seemed to wonder aimlessly though the mist, and even took a break in the under the shade of a patch of wet, dripping trees . From the  tree break it was a long downhill , and then up a bit to the tea break point. From the tea break point we headed up to the shack for lunch, there was really not much point in having lunch in the rain. All the while Cecil was mumbling  if it was clear you would see .................................. far down the valley.

After lunch , a lunch of all sorts of food  even a cold  chicken casserole , it was decided to head straight back to the cars. But, nothing is straight in the openness of nature, so we detoured here and there , and the rain and mist got worse, and the view got less  if that was possible. A few hardy souls who had done a few previous hikes here tried to brighten spirits by playing the  remember when game Like remember when it was so hot that Cecil had to send for a vehicle to get some heat stressed hikers out. Or, remember when that cow calved just about here, or, remember it was about here where the para gliders were taking off from . Of course the newies could not imagine this, and probably got more dispirited

Back at the cars, everyone perked up, those who had dry clothes, changed into them , those that did not - they went home wet. (It is a good thing to always bring some dry clothes on a hike  even a days hike. They stay in the car, and make travelling home more comfortable)

Despite the weather, the day was enjoyed by all , well, everyone said they would do it again next year. It will just be up to Cecil to sort the weather out.

Thanks again to Cecil and Keith for organising and leading, and a big thank you to all who came to enjoy the day in fresh, clean , wet , open air.

Pic  2 & 3 Catching our breaths in the shade
Pic - 4 Who goes there ?
Pic - 5 Up hill to the tea break spot  great views to be had from there
Pic  6 & 7 Tea break , but where are the views ??????
Pic - 8 Down hill again !!
Pic - 9 Uphill again - don t miss the valley view
Pic  10 Some jumped
Pic - 11 Some walked through
Pic - 12 & 13 Lunch at the shack
Pic  14  Much better views after lunch
Pic - 15 Lets stop for a while and chat about what we saw ??? crazy man this leader !!
Pic - 16 Back at the cars - some differing hiking gear by the old and new hikers
Pic - 17 You can go home now  the weather looks like it might be lifting !!!