Sunday 5th August 2012

By Kathy Tivers

Led by Brian, and Sundae, Carolee’s gorgeous pooch
Two Peters, Sue, Annette and me, Amanda joined us too!

Parking at the Country Club near Karkloof’s stunning falls
We took a slow meander faaaar from the city walls

Some interesting chatter, new faces and new friends
Inspired by gorgeous scenery around each sandy bend

The weather was exquisite, the outing just sublime
Felt good to get my boots back on and have some great me-time

Ambling down the by-way tracks, with cyclists riding by
Through the gum plantations, under a clear blue sky

A stop or three to ponder the beauty of the day
Relaxing for a tea-time snack, then back the homeward way

Downhill meant an uphill and “home” was gently up
But so too were my spirits - this day had filled my cup

SO come along the next time and meet some faces new
You never know what wonders wait - it’s really up to you...