Report and Photos: Lettie Oosthuizen


Arriving early on Saturday morning at the uMkhomazi KZN Wildlife office, we received a warm welcome from conservation manager, Micca Khoza. After attending to all the formalities we promptly set off, up a very long uphill on our way to Cyprus Cave where we would overnight.

Nature treated us with good weather. Blue skies and warm sunshine. We were surrounded by blue mountains and rolling hills covered in wheat coloured grasses.

On arriving at our destination we were greeted with a magnificent view of clear water tumbling over the edge of the cave into a pool of sparkling emerald water. The cave was large and wonderfully secluded.

We could not resist a refreshing dip in the pool, followed by a hot mug of cappuccino.

After lunch we hid our backpacks and set off across the river to go and explore the countryside. We came across several very deep ditches across which we had to jump. Not without an incident as can be seen with me on all fours.

We had a warm comfortable night in the cave and awoke to an amazing sunrise on Sunday morning.

After a enjoying a hearty breakfast we again hid our backpacks and set off on another exploration. This time up the mountainside behind the cave.

Rocks were climbed and plenty of photographs taken to capture the moments. It was only us and the silence of nature. We spotted many different sculptures in the rocky outcrops of the mountain face.

There was no defined route and the steep rocky climb was quite challenging at times. It was hot and we were very fortunate to discover a small fresh water spring near the top, where we were able to fill our water bottles. Once on top we were awestruck at the view. It felt as if we were on top of the world. Once again we were blessed with the sighting of two magnificently proud Eland.

During our wonderings we came across many different butterflies, an adder, a scorpion,a very curious little lizard, some unique flowers. It was with some sadness that we headed back down the mountain to pick up our backpacks and then proceeded back to our vehicles. We had hiked a distance of between 23-25kms and climbed up to between 2000- 2080m.

Another fantastic hiking weekend with awesome hiking buddies.