Sherry Cave
Bushman’s Nek
17 - 18 March 2012

Comments & Photos courtesy of Keith Ashton

Margaret & Lettie climbing up the steep slope towards Sherry Cave (New) - Painter's Cave down below

Dave nearing the top of the second steep slope still on way to Sherry Cave (New) - rest of group below

Close-up of Dave (Young man of the mountains)

Full of the joys of hiking - Dave, Lettie, Jovita & Christine (not too far away now to Sherry Cave (New)

The daunting view of Sherry Cave (New) - notice the minute figures of part of our group

Lettie & Dave feeling quite "exposed" in the cave - how's this one for our club calendar

Lettie "framed" in the cave

Lettie "framed" again - this time under a rare white rainbow as we depart from Sherry Cave (New)

Tish, Jovita & Christine as settled in Sherry Cave (New)

Our group under the rare white rainbow - Not inc Dave who was lower down & Keith took the photo

Which way up - Left to right > Dave Herselman, Lettie, Margaret, Jovita, Christine & Tish

Lettie next to the faint Bushman's paintings outside Langalibalele Cave

Margaret & Lettie exploring outside Langalibalele Cave