THE FUNNY SIDE OF HIKING by Lettie Oosthuizen
Pleasant Places hike 12 Feb 2012

Where to now ladies?

Oops! Watch where you step

Come Felicity itís easy

Good girl

What do you mean?

Come on ladies, climb through

Now itís my turn

Donít leave me behind

Are you stuck Brigitta?

See itís easy. Christie doing it on her knees

Margaret doing it on her behind with Felicity observing

Balancing on a tight rope

Nice butt Christie

Brigitta, our ďveldblomĒ

Thirsty business hiking. Next time Iím filling up with Castle Lite

Yeah right!


Nice goatie

You wish Felicity

Margaret what on earth?

Cíom Felicity you can do it

Mud mask or dung mask?

Hike finished, Lettie finished