Report & Photos submitted by: Lettie Oosthuizen

Ten of us, including our leader, Brian Henwood, set off from the Mount Verde, Hilton, parking lot in cool cloudy weather. Brian mentioned that looking at the weather we may have to shorten our hike due to rain. Of course that was not going to happen.

The road wound up the hill through green pastures and tall plantations with magnificent views of Pietermaritzburg on our right.

After a while Brian led us off the road and onto a dirt track winding through sugar cane fields and forest area.

Taking a break with Christie and I grabbing the best seat.

Back on the road winding our way up to Otto's Bluff.

(Pic 12): A view of Otto's Bluff. (Pic 13): Finding a shady spot for tea. By now the sun was out in full force. (Pic 14): Interesting little fellow going about his business. (Pic 15): "The men", conversing?

A long, winding and dusty road up the hill, with plantations on the one side and the wide valley on the other.

Lunch break. Christie having some cold jungle juice and Neville enjoying some fine cuisine.

After lunch it's heading back to Hilton. This was the fun part of the hike. The real challenge was about to begin. We got back on to the tar road, and by now the sun no longer had any mercy on us. We were faced with a very, very , very" loooong" uphill trek. One hill after another. For me there was only one way. Head down and march. Stopping only briefly to catch my breath. Having had a good glimpse of what hell could be like, I eventually got to the top of the final hill. With my eye on the distant buildings, my feet did the rest, carrying my weary body and soul down to where we had left our vehicles.

Lying down on green pastures. Heavenly!

Making a very elegant entrance, the stars of the show, Brian and Christie.