Pleasant Places 30/10/11 Littegeton

Leader: Christie Exall Article+photos submitted: John Fourie

Littegton provided good weather with a steady breeze for hiking with "Pleasant places" as the starting point.

The group consisted of linda+Geoff, Doug+Chere, Neville+Costa, Wendy+ Frankie, Jill+Sue and Christie+John. This was a new venue covering 15.4km through farmlands and ideal for beginners.

Two rider less white horses escorted and followed us to the properties perimeter. We crossed a wooden bridge over a sparkling stream and the trail commenced.

Huge herds of Friesland cows occupied green and well irrigated pastures. Hikers passing by were treated to a fine spray. On two occasions startled antelope were observed retreating hastily.

On arrival at Swissland cheese the group was afforded the opportunity of sampling the many varieties of goats cheese prior to purchasing. The early arrival prevented us from viewing the goats being milked.

Nanny goats with their kids in pens were observed whilst we ate cheese and lunches on the grass lawn.

On the return route we stopped at Fifehead dairy.This interlude allowed for the viewing of paintings at an art gallery and purchases from a clothing shop.

The highlight was stopping at Fiefhead dairy, a most interesting experience. Hundreds of cows are milked between 14.30 - 1600 hours daily in a highly mechanised and computerised environment. We were privileged to enjoy a tour.

The circular trail route was well marked and maintained. It finished where it started, at a well organised B and B. The host, John Hall, had kindly arranged, and awaiting for us, an assortment of beverages and muffins. We passed the hat around in appreciation. Thank you John Hall.

Congratulations to Christie on successfully leading her first hike. We look forward to many more. Thank you!