Led by Cecil Hackney
Of Everdon Estates
2 October 2011-10-10

The weekend weather was not the most appealing weather for a walk on very beautiful farming estate. Rain on Saturday, and Sunday morning was very overcast and wet. Nevertheless a good size party turned up to walk through Everdon Estate under the superb guidance of Cecil, who lives on and manages the estate.

At the start, it was “do I put on a raincoat or not ? , later it was “ maybe I should have put it on earlier!” The views from the estate are great, stretching down to the large Albert Falls Dam, with numerous farm dams scattered across the landscape.

The estate has numerous wild animals on the property, and as with any wild life sanctuary, poachers and snares are a problem. We came across the freshly killed carcass of a Warthog that had been snared on the estate. The wire snare marks were evident on its snout.

It was then a long down hill walk to some rocks that overlooked the large valley below to have a rest, and a first lunch – for some

The flowers had just started to come out , and no doubt in a few weeks time the entire area would be carpeted in a wonderland of flowers

Back up the hill, some last views of the dam far below and we headed for our second lunch break.

During lunch, the rain came back, so we packed up and headed back to the cars.

A great day on a very beautiful estate.

The Club thanks Cecil very much for him giving us his time to lead us, and indeed to allow us onto the fine estate.

Pics & story by Dave Sclanders