BUSHMANS NEK (1-4 August 2011) & SWIMAN HUT (5-7 August)
Photos and Report courtesy of Keith Ashton

A few photos of our few days at Bushman's Nek just ahead of our club weekend which I led at Swiman Hut 5-7 Aug.

BNek-Swiman1-7Aug110118 - Peter & Margaret carefully negotiating a snowy slope.

BNek-Swiman1-7Aug110137 - Peter & Margaret with the un-named peak in the distance which we are about to climb.

BNek-Swiman1-7Aug110138 - Closer view of the un-named peak.

BNek-Swiman1-7Aug110141 - Look no crutches, with the un-named peak in the background.

BNek-Swiman1-7Aug110164 - Fire in the mountains with snow covered Devil's Knuckles beyond.

BNek-Swiman1-7Aug110340 - The un-named peak conquered & named Ash-Wed Peak.

Swiman Hut weekend in a winter wonderland with very deep snow.

The following people attended the weekend:-
Keith Ashton (Leader), Margaret Ashton. Peter Wedge, Anica Adams, Miriam De Kock, Max Ramseier, Sarah McMaster, Manqoba Sabela, Simone Dale, Rick Gutierrez, Anita Gutierrez, Mark Gutierrez, Paul Gutierrez.

Out of the above 13 participants, 11 braved the bitter cold, deep snow under foot, falling snow & mist on our way to Sleeping Beauty Cave (Peter had severe blisters from hiking with Keith & Margaret at Bushman's Nek so missed these hikes).

Although we harsh conditions & unable to see any tracks due to the deep snow it was a spectacular hike in a truly magnificent winter wonderland & all enjoyed the fantastic experience.

However due to the cold & getting boots & gear wet, or tiredness or having to get back home only Keith & Margaret did the hike to Pillar Cave on the Sunday, again in deep snow with tracks covered, but this time in beautiful sunshine & the views were out of this world so it was a pity the others could not share this hiking experience with us.

Thanks to all the participants for making this another memorable weekend.

110216 - The Gutierrez family (from USA but living in S.A.) at the start of our deep snow.

110217 - Winter wonderland.

110218 - More snow.

110219 - More snow and now mist for our intrepid group.

110220 - It's getting worse but still beautiful - keep all that gear on.

110221 - Sarah, from Darwin Australia, still smiling even though she has never been so cold - never snows in Darwin.

110223 - Lunch in Sleeping Beauty Cave - still freezing and can see the snow falling outside.

110225 - Still a relatively cosy lunch in the cave.

110237 - This is a view as we approached the cave climbing in the snow.

110252 - Manqoba & Simone thinking "which way now leader?".

110260 - A welcome dinner in the hut after a hard & cold day.

110268 - Sunday morning "Swiman Rock" in all it's winter glory.

110269 - Sunday morning "Rhino Peak" in all it's winter glory.

110280 - The Ashton's CR-V under all that snow.

110284 - Sunday morning - jumping for joy - we all feel so good.

110286 - Our legless leader will accept no excuses for not hiking.

110288 - Our American Gutierrez family feeling good with Rhino Peak in background.

110298 - Rhino Peak & Mashai Pass.

110300 - Close up of Mashai Pass

110301 - Margaret leading a young family to Pillar Cave in ever deepening snow (sadly they could not make it).

110304 - Our view of Rhino Peak from Pillar Cave.