Sunday 10 July
Umgeni Valley - WESSA - Howick

Pics by Dave Sclanders

14 walkers under the guidance of Keith , met at the WESSA offices at Umgeni Valley for a lively walk in the Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve. 7 Club members and 7 visitors enjoyed a great days walking, with plenty of stops and rests on a very warm winters day in the valley. Return time to the cars was at about 3pm, just as the evening cold began to seep into the shadowy areas of the lower valley, and whilst the sun was still warm on the hill tops. Thanks to Keith for a good day in the open space of the Umgeni Valley, and we hope that our visitors will join as MHC members .

A question put to us on the way by a member of the Umgeni Valley community was :

"And where are the rest of you , and where are you going ?"

Well we are going to Cycad Camp

Then , if it is alright with you, we would like to walk in the lower grasslands

...... and then have some lunch by the river and go home !

"What all 14 of you ???!!!" Well, enjoy your day, walk well and stay fit.